Groundhog Day Resolutions by David Seah

Image: David Seah

"...the traditional date of January 1st for making resolutions is the worst time to do it. These days, the end of the year is when we are our most frazzled...

So, on January 1st, I just start thinking about what happened last year. On February 2nd, this day of hopeful prognostication, I declare my intentions for the year." David Seah, Groundhog Day Resolutions

David Seah's practically-focused introspection floats my boat high. His goal to "create a system for self-sustaining life balance" is exactly what I've been trying to do with my 90-minute workday.

How's that going? How nice of you to ask. Well, it's been amazing. I feel like I can do anything. Time is no longer against me. In fact, I feel like I actually don't need it anymore.

This, of course, is delusional. I find this wonderful daily life-dance that gives me a huge surge of motivation every single day. And then I try to use that motivation to be more productive. Which just kills it.

Well, it hasn't killed my motivation yet. But I see the signs. This past week, I committed to re-opening my Hot Dates on March 19th. There is a ton to do to get it ready (not only is the weekly hot dates opening, but a brand new hot-dates-related-thing is opening as well). But I figured with all this energy my 90-minute workday has given me, it'd be no problem.

On Monday, I had 33 high-impact activities on my to-do list. On Tuesday, there were 27. Wednesday, around 22. Thursday and today, I chiseled it down to 12.

Boy, am I glad it's Friday.

Anyway, I've realized that I need a 90-minute workday 2.0 -- a version that you use when you have tons of energy, motivation, and an upcoming deadline. I love how David Seah is turning his whole process into a game -- giving himself points for missions completed, effort expended, incoming feedback, outgoing production, and power level.

It's time for me to LEVEL UP. I think some bonus weekend points are in order.

(hat tip to Kelly Parkinson for getting me addicted to David Seah).