His and hers New Years Resolutions from Dinner: A Love Story

John and I have never considered making new years resolutions for each other. But maybe we should. Case in point: Andy and Jenny from Dinner: A Love Story (one of my new favorite blogs, by the way): From Andy, to Jenny:

"Take some corrective measures re: dessert. We’ve gone over this before, and I know I’m (almost) as complicit as the rest of the family, but when Phoebe starts bringing the T Joe’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups to the table before we’ve finished our dinner (every night, by the way, and we don’t even try to stop her), asks us how many she can have, and we answer “four,” a crazily generous number which would elicit a cheer in most houses but, in our house, elicits an “awwwwwwww” of disappointment, it’s time to admit: the pirates have seized the ship."

From Jenny, to Andy:

"OK, as for what you can work on, I will start with this one: Assume that I’ve salted the pasta water. Assume that, just because I forgot to salt the water that one night back in 2005, that there is very little chance I will forget to salt the water from this point forward. Even when there is long division to be done, even when there are eight people in our kitchen waiting to be fed, I promise you, I do not need reminding. It will be a successful 2012 if I never hear the words You salt the water? ever again."

Read the whole thing here (And by the way, the pirates have definitely seized the ship at our house; last night, Nolan was upset that he only got one piece of chocolate fudge layer pie for dessert. The pie that has an entire can of sweetened condensed milk in one layer alone.)