Charity: Water

I found out about Charity: Water through my friend Scott McDowell's enthusiasm at the 99% Conference, and I am in love with their mission and how big of an impact they're having. The thing that makes them crazy-different is that 100% of public donations go directly to funding clean water projects. In four years (four years!), they've raised over $20 million and funded almost 4,000 water projects.

They're also a fantastic example of how good design boosts participation at every level. Design isn't an expense. It's an investment – not only an investment in the project, but an investment in the communities we're trying to serve. I mean, check out their banners. Crazy-smart. And their photography? Makes me want to start hauling buckets of water straight to Kenya. And I love how their blog is called the Charity: WaterLog. It's not just cute. It's design thinking. It's art. And it works.